Aimicat: Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box with Ultimate Hygiene Features

Created by a passionate group of robotics engineers and pet product specialists, Aimicat is a self-cleaning cat litter box that automatically cleans the litter while eliminating odor. This globe-shaped little box for cats even boasts some advanced hygiene features.

Managing cat boxes is so annoying for cat parents, especially because of all the mess and odor. But this smart cat litter box now makes the cleaning process quite simple and easy. It is integrated with infrared sensors to detect movement with lightning speed and accuracy whenever a cat enters and finishes its business.

Soon thereafter, Aimicat automatically removes soiled litter into its sealed holding container using a non-stick, elastic silicone apparatus for scooping and cleaning simultaneously. During the cleaning process, the powerful negative air pressure is formed within the deodorizing system to keep cleaning the indoor air while noise-free integrated fan pushes away the unwanted smell via a carbon filter for evacuating everything from the container in a fresh condition.

This small cat-friendly device is a safe, tidy, and effective solution to all the woes associated with kitty cleanup. It also gives cat owners a hygienic and hands-free way to keep their homes fresh and odor-free while keeping the pet happy.

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Aimicat is up on Kickstarter for crowdfunding with special discounts and deals for early adopters. The smart kitty litter box can be pre-ordered for $229 and expect the shipping by August 2020. For now, check out the images and video below to see how this cat litter box works:

Image: Aimicat

Image: Aimicat

Image: Aimicat

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