OLEV Pure BioAir Lamp Sanitizes the Air With UV-C Light

OLEV, an Italian brand of designer LED lighting fixtures, has recently come up with a new lighting product called Pure BioAir. This particular lamp is integrated with BioAir technology and utilizes the power of UV-C light to sanitize interiors, ensuring the safety and overall well-being of the inhabitants where installed.

If you’re not aware, UV-C light is highly effective in counteracting the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, and pathogenic microorganisms. However, direct exposure to UV-C rays without any precautions can cause damage to your skin and eyes.

Therefore, Pure BioAir is completely concealing the UV-C source. For providing the highest degrees of safety and protection, this lamp conveys air within the lamp and further filters it through the UV-C light source within its body.

This way the air coming out of the light source enables germicidal efficiency equal to 79-percent. For instance, in 8 hours, Pure BioAir can filter the air of a room of around 30 cubic meters.

The lamp directs a beam of LED light downwards and can even be integrated with ultra-dark lamellar screens to avoid glare from any direction you look at it. All thanks to its sleek design, this pendant lamp can easily be fixed into any place you like. However, it has been particularly designed for workspaces and offices, as it can illuminate workstations with better visual comfort for those working on the computer screens.

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This lamp can also be equipped with a green kit composed of Tillandsia, a special ‘smog-eating’ plant to easily absorb polluting particles. This plant doesn’t require much care and can live without soil, feeding on humidity found in the environment.

It seems to be a great lighting fixture to offer bacteria and virus free work environment to employees in the ongoing pandemic. However, we’re not sure about its price and availability so far. But you can find more information or download its catalog from the company’s official website.


Image: OLEV


Image: OLEV


Image: OLEV


Image: OLEV

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