Airavie Ceiling-Mounted Clothes Drying Rack with Seven Independent Bars

This Ceiling-Mounted Clothes Airer has Seven Independent Drying Bars

As soon as rainy season arrives, every household becomes concerned about drying clothes. Most of us prefer drying clothes in the balcony. But the fact that there is not enough space, we tap into hanging drying racks.

Let’s be honest; every space-saving solution has its own share of hassles. If you are already a victim, this indoor drying rack could lessen your pain.

The Airavie ceiling-mounted clothes drying rack has seven drying bars of about 180 cm length to provide sufficient space to dry clothes while remaining airborne.

Ease of use and installation are two good things about this drying rack. Needless to say, it utilizes the idle ceiling space very well to create room for drying clothes. Each unit comes with two white plastic ceiling fixing bars, seven independent drying bars with a length of 176 cm, 84 meters of Nylon string, 14 white plastic beads and mounting hardware.

The steel spreading bars are covered in white plastic for a modern look, and each bar can handle up to 2.5 kg of weight.

Now comes the most interesting part – each bar can be raised and lowered independently by a simple pulley mechanism and tied off at a convenient height for loading and unloading clothes. Better and less exasperating than others in the market! €60 ($72), of course, is a bit on the higher side, but compactness, practicality, and durability it offers quite speak for its price.   

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The 84 meter-long string corresponds to a maximum fixing height of 4.6 m. However, you can ask for a custom length in case you wish to suspend the clothes rack higher. Depending on the desired height, you need to establish a knot on the string so that the locking bead placed in the string hook keeps the bar at the chosen height.   

Airavie Ceiling-Mounted Clothes Drying Rack with Seven Independent Bars

Image: Ravvie

Image: Ravvie

Image: Ravvie

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