Airbnb Halloween in Paris Catacombs

Airbnb dares you to stay in Paris Catacombs with 6 million skeletons

In honor of upcoming Halloween, Airbnb has planned a contest where two people will be dared to stay in the Catacombs of Paris, one of the world’s largest cemeteries. Annually, 500,000 people visit the Paris Catacombs, but this is for the first time that two (un)lucky winners of the contest will be spending the night of horror with 6 million resting souls.

Forget man-made haunted houses, Airbnb has literally increased the scare factor with this unusual contest. The winners can enjoy the ultimate Halloween slumber party on the mysterious night among the company of millions of dead skeletons. Oh My, sounds really spooky!

The accommodations will also include creepy dinner corner, private concert (with acoustics coming 65-feet under the city) and full-sized bed adorned with skulls stacked atop one another. On top of that, you’ll be told a bedtime horror story while sleeping. If you could manage to survive, then you’ll be served a nice breakfast the next morning before you could get back to the land of living.

It’s definitely going to be the most terrifying experience of your lifetime. Sadly, the entry dates were open till October 20th and contestants have already enrolled themselves. But we’re eagerly waiting for the two winners, who will be facing the spookiest sleepover in the world.

Airbnb Halloween in Paris Catacombs

Spooky dinner table

Airbnb Halloween in Paris Catacombs

Paris Catacombs is surrounded by 6 million resting souls

Airbnb Halloween in Paris Catacombs

It’s certainly going to be the spookiest experience ever

Airbnb Halloween in Paris Catacombs

Two winners of the Airbnb contests will get a chance to stay here on All Hallows’ Eve

Via: Straatosphere

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