AirNodes presents Anna smart mirror at CES 2018

AirNodes Presents Anna Smart Mirror at CES 2018

French company AirNodes specialized in designing IoT projects, introduced Anna smart mirror as a B2B communication solution in late 2016. Initially, it has been designed for B2B customers, and has been installed at five-star hotels such as the K2 Palace & K2 Altitude in Courchevel , France. Now, the company is looking to expand its presence to grab the huge B2C market, and thus, is raising funds through an ICO. The startup will be selling its Anna coin at a rate of 1 ETH = 5,000 Anna. They are now developing a Raspberry Pi-powered smart mirror in partnership with Farnell element14.

Unlike most of the smart mirrors made of plastic and based on an Android OS, Anna’s mirror is made up of marine grade stainless steel accompanying cutting edge hardware and software to provide the best outcome. Anna smart mirror revealed at the ongoing CES 2018 is highly customizable as it lets you change the display depending on your your personal preferences. You are free to choose the information you want to be displayed on the mirror.

It comes with a companion web app to manage the smart mirror and expose an API used by the embedded software. They have also developed custom sensors to be built-into the mirror, such as an ambient light sensor and a motion radar sensor to detect movement in front of the mirror. There are even plans for integration with third party services including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Fitbit; so that you will be able to see cloud-based personal data on the Anna smart mirror.

With this smart mirror in your hotel room, you will be able to get weather information, local train station arrivals/departures or live Twitter & Instagram feeds to plan a perfect daily schedule. On the other hand, it will also be helpful for hotel management to provide the targeted and tailored information to customers.

It seems to be something similar to the Panasonic digital concierge that provides signage information to hotel customers.

Image: AirNodes

Image: AirNodes

Image: AirNodes

Image: AirNodes

Image: AirNodes

AirNodes presents Anna smart mirror at CES 2018

Image: AirNodes

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