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AIST light-controlling sheet to decrease home power bills significantly

Lately, just about everyone is on the spree of building eco-friendly buildings to significantly cut down on the electricity consumption owing to air-conditioning and/or heating. When it comes to keeping the building temperature lower, regular window glasses don’t really help, this is where the all new light-controlling sheet, which switches between mirror and transparent states developed by AIST makes an entry. The novel sheet is created to be used on glass windows to restrict the sunlight from entering and to significantly reduce the load on the use of air-conditioners.

The used technology for switching between transparent and mirror states is pretty basic and successful – an acrylic sheet is attached, at a distance of 0.1mm, to the back of a regular window glass and the light-controlling sheet is attached to it on the corners with the help of tape. For switching from mirror to transparent state the gap between the acrylic sheet and glass window is filled with hydrogen produced by the electrolyzing moisture in the air. By applying 3V to this, the sheet is able to switch between mirror and transparent states in under 30 seconds.

As light-controlling glass the newly developed process by AIST is controlled by reflection, making it possible to shut out sunlight more effectively. AIST plans to use the new technology in building for greener architecture.

Via: DigiTV

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