Akashi Kobayashi's Treehouses

Akashi Kobayashi’s Treehouses act as ‘fantastical’ refuges for ill children

The true essence of treehouses has always alluded to the intangible yet innocent connection between a child and nature. And, who better to uphold this eternal relationship than the specialists in making treehouse? This is where Akashi Kobayashi and his Treehouse People come into the picture with their deft expertise and experience, as is evident from Kobayashi’s whopping 120 designs speckled across Japan. However, beyond just numbers, it is the conscientious factor that comes with the scope that make the projects different. How so? Well, most of them cater to kids with serious illness, thus acting as therapeutic, outdoor structures within specialized camps.

The architecture of these designs differ from one another both visually and spatially. However, one antecedent remains constant, and that is the ‘fantastical’ element of a space hanging atop the ‘wilderness’ of trees. This creates a functional bond between the nature and the occupant, thus giving him/her unparalleled freedom to explore and play in the outdoors.

And, even exceeding the ambit of imagination, the treehouses are deftly designed with specific circulation criteria. For example, the majority of them are provided with adequate ramps, stairs and horizontal bridges for access and accommodation for stretchers and wheelchairs. These practical connections not only make it safe for the children, but also act as emergency routes if the scenario demands it.

Via: Treehouse

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