AkzoNobel Paper Cup

AkzoNobel creates 100% recyclable paper cups coated with EvCote

AkzoNobel, a Netherlands-based multi-national company active in decorative paints, performance coatings and specialty chemicals; has created the world’s first 100-percent compostable and recyclable paper cup using its coating technology EvCote Water Barrier 3000. According to the company, approximately 200 billion paper cups are used worldwide per year, however, none of these cups can be recycled without reducing the paper fiber quality and high costs.

But, the company’s coating technology is such that it maintains the fiber quality, as well as, keeps them intact on recycling. The coating is composed of plant-based oils and recycled PET bottles, thus protecting the paper cups from damage induced by water, grease and moisture.

Apart from high fiber quality, the coating also enables paper mills to recapture 100-percent paper waste created during production process, which is usually sent to landfill. This helps in significant financial savings for paper mills as well as reduces excessive paper wastage.

These new sustainable paper cups can be used by restaurants across the globe for serving drinks to their guests. Besides that, this coating technology can also be used for saving other paper materials required for food packaging, carton boards, beverage carrier boards, etc. to save paper by 100-percent recycling without any wastage.

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