Stack Alba Smart LED Bulb

Alba Smart LED Bulbs run autonomously according to your behavior

Future homes are expected to run on advance technology without much need of manual efforts. With the similar vision, a new manufacture in lighting industry- Stack has come up with the Alba Smart LED Bulbs that are completely responsive. These bulbs come with built-in sensors to control lighting within your home based on your routine behavior or lifestyle.

The smart bulbs come with a mobile app just to enable customized programming for scheduling when it should light up or not. Other than that, the app has no more function so that the customers don’t have to rely on App interactions all the time. You just need to schedule it once and after that it will run autonomously depending on the environment for perfect lighting.

It will act like a brain to adjust lighting according to your movements and time of the day. The bulb is cooler in the morning with bluish hue when you’re waking up and turns warmer at night to provide cozy environment for better sleep. With these lighting bulbs you don’t require unnecessary light switches, thus saving your money and energy.

Talking of saving energy, these LED bulbs have 50,000 hour lifetime and is expected to last for up to 30 years or more in home settings and about 12 years in commercial buildings. These light fixtures are 80-percent more energy-efficient than the standard light bulbs.

Already made up your mind to buy one of these? But, this futuristic light bulb doesn’t come cheap. These are available at a hefty price tag of about US $150, right now company is taking only pre-orders and shipping will begin not before 2015.

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