Albert Clock: Solve math equations to figure out what time it is

In this digital era, people are slowly depending on smartphones and other smart gadgets to do all the tasks, from household chores to even solve a simple mathematical problem. Although technology is to make our lives easier and more convenient, but totally relying on digital objects is not good for us. This is because such dependency may eventually decline our brain power.

Nevertheless, Paris-based company MNTNT wants to sharpen up your brain, so the firm has come up with a fun solution in form of playful Albert Clock, which helps to improve your math skills in a witty way. It is a digital device that forces the user to solve mathematical equations in order to figure out what time it is.

Unlike conventional wall clocks, the Albert Clock is designed to digitally display a math equation. The user has to solve the particular math problem for finding out current time. This means instead of displaying ‘8:00 AM’, the clock will display ’18-10.’ Isn’t it the coolest way to exercise brain muscles, while finding accurate time?

Furthermore, the playful wall clock is equipped with four different levels of difficulty. Initially, the clock displays fairly easy equations and gradually levels up for more difficult math equations. However, everyone won’t be pleased with solving daily equations, especially when they’re running late for work. But this innovative twist on a classic device will surely be loved by kids, who want to improve their mathematics skills.

MNTNT is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to bring the project live. You’ll be glad to know that the campaign has already raised more amount than its initial target of about €23,000 (approx. US $25,375). Hopefully, soon you’ll be able to bring this stunning device into your home.


Simple math equations that you need to solve for figuring out the exact time


The clock is equipped with four different levels of difficulty

Via: DesignMilk

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