Albi Home M is a Smart Wine Dispenser and Preservation System

CES 2020: Albi Home M is Smart Wine Dispenser and Preservation System

The increasing technological evolvement has had a bountiful impact on the wine industry. Proving the point is the all new smart wine dispenser from Albicchiere – beexlab, currently being showcased at CES 2020. Dubbed Albi Home M, it is a countertop appliance made in Italy, which can pour and store wine for you, without losing its original taste. It is designed to help you lower wine wastage.

There are gas spray and vacuum-based wine preservation systems available in the market but this one is totally unique. Albi Home M comes with smart wine bags that claim to preserve wine for up to 6 months, even if you have consumed only a glass from it.

There is a small screen on the wine dispenser that shows details about the wine bag, including the temperature and expiry date. Another cool feature is easy swapping of the bags without the need of cleaning, so you can go from red wine to white effortlessly.

You can set up personal taste preferences using a companion mobile app. It also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home, which means you can ask Albi to dispense you wine using voice commands.

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Albi Home M smart wine dispenser is designed to be used with its own reusable smart bags, though you can use your own wine bottles too.

This one-of-a-kind wine dispenser is the Winner of CES 2020 Innovation Award. As per the official website, the smart wine dispenser and preservation system will be launched through a crowd-funding campaign later this month.

Albi Home M is a Smart Wine Dispenser and Preservation System

Image: Albicchiere

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