Alvin Rubber in a Can paint spray coats holes and cracks in anything at home

Are you tired of seeping basement walls or crack in the gutters around the house? Well Alvin Products has a solution to all your problems in an easy to use aerosol spray that adheres to any metal, concrete, plastic or asphalt. Dubbed the Rubber in a Can this is a rubberized black liquid spray paint that can seal gaps, holes and cracks in just about anything from roof to basement or from RVs/Motor homes to gutters with its leak proof seal. Rubber in a Can’s paintable coating besides being flexible is waterproof and all weather proof sealant solution – capable of withstanding temperatures ranging between -20°F to 300°F.

The Alvin Rubber in a Can priced at $12.50 can be sprayed on to dry and wet surfaces and it adheres to both with equal finesse. The product website details some places where you can use the adhesive spray, they are gutters, roofs, duct work, planters, pvc pipes, flashings, driveways, chimneys, cars, weld joints, RVs/Motor homes, fenders, underbodies, wheel wells, gas tanks, foundations, AC drip pans, pipes, window leaks, outdoor ponds, pools etc.

Via: AlvinProducts/Azom

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