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Amazing ideas to add a vintage touch to your bathroom

Different styles and designs come and go as the years pass by. Because everyone wants their bathroom to look as modernized as possible, older styles take a back seat. Fortunately, things have started changing and some people have developed taste for classics, which is why they are desperate to bring that vintage look back. However, there are certain steps to do it in a professional way.


A bathtub is the most important object in your bathroom which has squeezed its way up against the walls in recent times. If you watch any period drama on TV, you will see them using standalone tubs back then. It’s weird how they didn’t stay this way because they undoubtedly look better. Maybe it was one of those things that happened slowly as space became an issue in smaller homes.

Shiny metals like chrome have bled from the kitchen all the way up to the bathroom. It’s hard to walk into one today without seeing the sunlight bounce of metals, which shouldn’t be the case if you’re serious about going for the vintage look. You have the nickel, iron, bronze, copper, and a few other options to choose from.


When it comes to tiles, you can combine Victorian style with an art-deco edge to it. For the Victorian look, you want to concentrate on marble, which is classier than the tiles. If it’s too expensive for you, don’t be afraid to opt for marble print instead. Art-deco flair can be achieved by choosing hexagonal tiles because it is when they were at the height of their popularity.


Storage is another most important part of the bathroom. Cabinetry with multiple functions and jazzed up exteriors is a relatively new thing, back then it used to be a lot simpler. There were no doors and the vintage storage space was comprised of wooden and marble shelves. To bring back the vintage era, polished wood is a good choice if you’re worried about spending lots of money on other bathroom features.


Better and planned plumbing offers a neat and uncluttered look. A pedestal sink well-accompanied by organized plumbing can be extremely classy and vintage without taking up lots of extra space. Styling options are limitless. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as they’ll all make your bathroom look more vintage compared to its current state.

There isn’t anything wrong with modern bathrooms, but we’ve modernized our lives enough. Everyone wants a vintage room inside his/her home where his/her can relax and travel back in time. All the tips discussed above will allow you to achieve that with ease.

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