Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Personal assistant

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition: Intuitive Parental Control with Uninterrupted Fun

Amazon Alexa has turned out to be a revolutionary personal assistant that interacts with a user in a number of ways. Be it playing music or controlling the lights of your room, Alexa can do it all with just voice commands. It’s not surprising that kids are the ones who use this little smart assistant the most, which is why Amazon has released the kids’ version of Amazon Echo dubbed Echo Dot Kids Edition.

This is yet another jab on Google Home. This smart speaker adopts design and look of the Amazon Eco Dot, but it is specifically designed for kids.

The little toy (for kids it is so) entertains your kids, bestows them with knowledge and even play them stories when you’re too busy with your work. All of this with total parental control on things kids can search for, or the amount of time they use the personal assistant.

For instance, kids cannot search for explicit content, listen to music with explicit words or go on an online shopping frenzy when parents are not around. It automatically calls the kids when it’s dinner or bedtime. All-in-all the voice-assistant does pretty much everything that you wished could keep your kids under check.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition smart speaker is going to be released on May 9, 2018 in blue, green and red colors. However, it can be preordered for $79.99 right away. The introductory price comes with a one-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited (fun-friendly case) and a two-year guarantee for breakage and replacement.

The kids’ version of Amazon Dot is $30 more than the original Amazon Dot, but it also brings lots of features which are oriented for just kids, making parents’ task a tad easier when it comes to parental control.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition - Personal Home assistant

Image: Amazon

Image: Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

Image: Amazon

Image: Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition - Personal Home assistant

Image: Amazon

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