Amazon Greehouses

Amazon greenhouses aiming to improve employees’ well-being

According to The New York Times reports, Amazon has been constructing a trio of spherical greenhouses in the middle of downtown Seattle. These greenhouses will be intended to improve well-being of their employees, who are under stress due to work culture. The company is hoping that working in green environment will indeed lower the employees’ stress levels and make them feel energetic throughout the day.

Covering nearly three million square-feet, the three bubble-like Amazon greenhouses consists of walls made from vines and an indoor creek. The greenhouses will include more than 3,000 species of plants, from carnivorous pitcher plants to exotic Ecuadorian philodendrons and orchids.

The company is hoping to conduct meetings in these indoor treehouses. But these greenhouses will be kept at 72 degrees and 60 percent humidity, which are not ideal conditions for cranial stimulation. The company has not revealed yet how they will manage to keep it suitable for normal human body conditions. While as per certain studies, greenery in offices can improve workers’ well-being as well as stimulate new and creative ideas.

Amazon has invested more than $4 billion in these downtown Seattle office spaces, which will be completed by 2018. However, these spherical greenhouses won’t be accessible to the public, as these are meant for office use only.

Amazon Greehouses

Bubble-shaped greenhouses for Amazon employees

Amazon Greenhouses

Amazon Greenhouses in the middle of downtown Seattle

Via: NyTimes

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