Amazon 4K Fire TV Box

Amazon strikes at Apple TV with its all-new 4K Fire TV box

Last week we featured Apple TV 2015 on Homecrux. Although it features new OS called tvOS, Siri support and App store, but most people are still unhappy with Apple’s new multimedia device. Why? This is because the company didn’t include 4K streaming capabilities in its new TV box. Due to this 4K TV owners are not happy.

That’s where Amazon second-generation Fire TV box enters. The latest Fire TV box boasts 4K UHD streaming along with better Wi-Fi performance. So, company claims that it is 75-percent more powerful than its predecessor. The streamlined multimedia device boasts more than 3,000 channels, apps and games, which is certainly more than what its competitors are offering.

The TV box comes with microSD card slot for adding up to 128GB of storage to the 8GB storage inside. Moreover, its ability to support the new HEVC codec helps the device to improve 4K and 1080p HD video performance. Besides all that, the Amazon 4K Fire TV box enhances its voice control with Echo’s Alexa that’s integrated with the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote system. Due to all this, the device makes it incredibly easy to conduct voice searches and prompt Alexa to give information on weather, traffic and more; all of the information will be displayed on your TV.

It can even be used to play music from your Amazon playlists and Prime. The new Fire TV will be released on 5th October for $100 without the controller. For the Gaming Edition with the media play and the controller, you need to pay $140. Amazon has also released the original Fire TV Stick with the Voice Remote for $60. All at affordable prices along with improved features as compared to Apple TV. So why won’t any 4K TV user fall for it?

Amazon 4K Fire TV Box

All-new Fire TV box with 4K as well as Alexa

Amazon 4K Fire TV Box

The Fire TV box comes with a controller for its gaming edition

Via: Forbes

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