Covi smart lamp doubles as voice assistant

Berlin-based startup Senic has already created a lot of buzz earlier in 2015 with Nuimo smart controller that can be used to control a number of smart devices and online services. The company is again back with Covi, a speech-enabled lighting based on an open source platform, so that people can build their own recipes to make their smart home more awesome. It is a beautiful fusion of lighting and IoT that works just like the C by GE Sol Alexa lamp. You can ask it questions, make requests to control compatible smart devices and even take your calls directly.

This smart home assistant seamlessly blends into any type of interiors easing your day to day activities. Its glass shade features a sand-blasted finish that sits on an anodized aluminum base. Users can say the trigger word or simply touch it to activate the voice assistant. It has an additional benefit that it can be used to light up any space. There is a dimming switch on the base that can be used adjust between warm and cool illumination.

Ambient light-based notifications keep you updated on important meetings, reminders and other tasks. You can configure the Covi smart lamp to initiate particular tasks on different occasions. However, there is already an Alexa-enabled lamp in the market, but it is something different as it is based on an open source hub that gives huge opportunities to developers. This voice assistant lamp can be pre-ordered from Kickstarter for about €99 (US$111) to get your smart lamp in March 2018.

Alexa-enabled lamp that doubles as open source smart home hub

Sand-blasted glass shade sits on aluminum base

Just touch or say the keyword to activate the voice assistant

Asks it questions, take calls directly and control smart devices

Schedule devices to start on particular occasions

Alexa-enabled light

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