Japanese Mom Turns Eggs into Cute Cartoon Characters You’ll Love to Eat

Breakfast cannot be as luring as prepared by this Japanese mother. Etoni Mama (etn.co_mam on Instagram) is a master at kyaraben (aka Charaben) – the unique art of arranging food in elaborate ways to look like popular characters, plants, animals, etc.

Mama works with a variety of ingredients including chocolate and fruits; however, turning fried and boiled eggs into cute cartoon characters is one of her strongest skills.

From Winnie-the-Pooh to Pikachu and from Shin-chan to characters from the Sazae-san manga series, Etoni can craft different characters with eggs.

Yolk is used to create face and body, while ingredients such as nori (edible seaweed) are used for hair and other facial features. Mama’s egg art looks so awesome that you will think a few times before running the fork through it.

Certain food art is even decked with pieces of ham, cheese, and vegetables.

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Etoni Mama’s egg art is really enticing and without doubt her three daughters love to savor the beautiful breakfast. Check out her other creations on her Instagram profile.

Via: MyModernMet

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