Engine Block Coffee Table That Doubles as Wine Rack

We’ve seen a variety of automotive-inspired decor for home, including furniture made from F1 car parts, aircraft engines, and sports car engines. The Engine Block coffee table is yet another table with a base crafted from a Rover V8 engine mounted on chrome tow bar covers.

What sets the Engine Block coffee table apart from other similar tables is that the piston bores of the Rover V8 act as wine rack for bottles – therefore doubling the table into storage compartments as well. Besides this, the table is very artistically fitted with blue strip lights while the pistons are simulated with bright red LEDs.

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Measuring L 88cm, W 50cm, H 38cm and priced at £500 (approx. $810) the Engine Block coffee table comes with a desk piston clock and a toughened safety glass.

Via: Ebay

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