Gablok Insulated Blocks Let You Self-Build a House

Due to the increasing cost of new houses and rising awareness of environmentally-friendly homes, Belgium-based startup, Gablok has come up with an efficient house kit. The company specializes in making insulated formwork blocks for letting people self-build a house project.

The Gablok concept includes a series of insulated wooden blocks, insulated beams, lintels, as well as a customized floor system to construct an entire house. This system has been validated by design offices in terms of its acoustics, stability, and energy performance.

Established in 2019, Gablok provides a revolutionary construction method comprising an insulated wooden frame. In 2018, Gabriel Lakatos patented a wooden home kit intending to simplify the construction process and enabling a simpler way for homeowners to build a house themselves.

Gabriel has been interested in interlocking and construction games since his childhood. He spent 25 years building his career in the field of traditional construction and developed an insulated wooden stacking block. After several months of research and testing, this self-construction home system was validated by engineering offices specialized in energy efficiency, and acoustic performance.

Part of the self-construction homes is delivered directly to a construction site with a complete installation plan. This process makes it possible to avoid any excess waste and confusion associated with on-site processing.

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After you have assembled all the insulated formworks, you have to construct the roof and exterior finishing of the house with bricks, plasters, or any other cladding of your choice. The best part about assembling this system is that it makes the whole construction process faster without any drying time or other issues associated with conventional house construction methods.

Given below is the time-lapse video of the housing assembly with Gablok insulated building blocks.

Image: Gablok

Image: Gablok

Image: Gablok

Image: Gablok

Image: Gablok

Source: Gablok

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