Egyptian Man Builds Dream House out of Recycled Materials

Taimur El Hadidi, an Egyptian with an eco-friendly perception has built his dream house out of salvaged and recycled materials in Sheikh Zayed, Egypt. He wanted a house that maintains a sustainable approach and allows him to minimize impact on the construction site as well.

Spending four long years in R&D and construction, he finally completed his dream house, which he calls the Borg El Hadidi, a few months back.

He collaborated with local builders and artists to realize the project. The team has utilized old unused bottles, red bricks, tires and broken concrete blocks collected from different demolition sites in the region to build this environmentally conscious home.

Plastic bottles filled with sand are used as bricks while broken concrete blocks are used as an alternative of limestone on interior walls. Large bulldozer tires are repurposed as window frames and planters. There is also good use of reclaimed wood for interior decoration in the house. Interestingly, the house is built according to the terrain and wind flow to enhance energy efficiency.

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Actually, the site has a total of six buildings, including an underground theater and a guest house made of mud, which he has constructed in the last six years. A swimming pool is also visible near the Borg El Hadidi.

Taimur is now planning to build an eco rental lodge to provide tourists with minimal night stay option and also promote eco-tourism and sustainable architecture in the area.

Image: Doha Moustafa/Linesmag

Image: Doha Moustafa/Linesmag

Via: Euronews/Linesmag

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