DIYer Upcycles Old Admiral Refrigerator into BBQ Smoker Grill

Upcycling old things into something new with an altogether new utility is highly valued on the internet. DIY’s like these are highly rated in the cloud and for a good reason too. They utilize old salvaged stuff into a completely new utility which no one else thought of. Imgur user [Mikronmagic] has done exactly that by upcycling a 1950s Admiral Refrigerator into a BBQ smoker grill.

The DIYer didn’t just turn it into a Barbeque for attention, but actually made it into a smoker which can smoke 16 chickens at a time. He even tested it at temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

He removed all the plastic components from the inside of the fridge and got rid of its insulated wiring. He then modified and fitted the guts of this refrigerator with a Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett he bought from eBay.

Obviously, he had to tinker with the hardware and its functions to make it work inside a new housing. To vent out the smoke, he made an opening on top. For the door, the DIYer fitted a double door insulation layer for better smoking and protecting the door itself from extreme heat. 

Finally, he got the homemade BBQ smoker grill up and running. If you also want to make this all-season smoker jump right over to the detailed source.

Image: Imgur

Image: Imgur

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