MINI LIVING Breathe is a small-space prototype for urban dwelling

For Salon del Mobile 2017 in Milan, New York–based firm SO-IL collaborated with MINI LIVING to create a small-space prototype called Breathe. It is a small-scale, low-impact fabric house installation for urban environments. The three-story multi-room unit resembles a cylindrical tent-like structure that can accommodate three people.

It is made of a modular metal frame surrounded by a textile skin, which is a light-permeable fabric offering privacy, as well as, connecting potential dwellers to the urban setting. Breathe has a total of six potential rooms including a kitchen, a dining area, a lounge, work spaces, and a rooftop garden for personal fulfillment. The garden also has a rainwater collection and purification system for meeting the homeowners’ sustainable water needs.

The kitchen area on the ground floor socially interfaces with the area around the installation. This area is to welcome guests and bring people together, encouraging them to interact with one another. The living areas are on all three levels, forming an inviting place to both relax and work. All the sections in this fabric home are separated by light-permeable textile walls. This translucency allows people in other rooms create a feeling of togetherness. However, if you love privacy, Breathe can grant that too.

Another best thing about this structure is that it can easily be disassembled, relocated and the exterior can be dressed in different fabrics depending on the climatic condition. Such small living spaces with a sense of togetherness are much needed in cities, which are developing fast but people are disconnecting from one another with the equally same pace. Breathe prototype is designed to ensure that people engage with each other and don’t lose the basic human bond.

Small-scale prototype

Low-impact living space for urban dwelling

Spacious living area

Living areas are spread on all three levels

The living area is for relaxing and working

Staircase for easy access to different levels

The translucent walls bring in natural daylight

The translucent walls are to make people feel connected all the time

Seating area

The living space is equipped with required furnishing

Rooftop garden with rainwater harvesting system

Showering space

It is made of a modular metal frame surrounded by a textile skin

Cylindrical-shaped tent-like unit

It can easily fir into any small urban area

Living space lit up in the evening

This dwelling provides privacy as well as a sense of togetherness with the surrounding area

The ground floor has kitchen that acts as a social hub

Three-story compact dwelling

It can easily be disassembled and relocated

Via: ArchPaper

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