Perola Plus Suspended Bioethanol Fireplace from GlammFire

Portuguese company GlammFire makes decorative bioethanol fireplaces that can be a focal point in any interior setting. Thales is one unique offering from the company featuring a suspended design that is intended to be hung from the ceiling. If such a design excites you, have a look at the Perola Plus. This fireplace is also designed to be mounted on the ceiling, which makes the lower half of the burner look as if it was floating in mid-air.

Made from black lacquered steel, this eco-friendly bioethanol fireplace is an upgraded version of GlammFire’s Perola fireplace. The size and capacity have been increased in the new version while the design has remained unchanged. Ignition has also been added so users will be able to turn on it using a remote control conveniently.

Perola Plus measures 39.9-78.7 x 86.6 inches and weighs 200 kg. It comes with a 5L fuel tank and requires 2-4 kW input to run for about 9-14 hours.

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This designer bioethanol fireplace will add warmth, beauty, and style to any living room. Being fueled by natural gas, it will also provide plenty of environmental benefits.

Image: GlammFire

Image: GlammFire

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