Personal Air Coolers to Beat the Heat Anytime, Anywhere

Summer is beating down hard, making it imperative to grasp every opportunity to cool down your body. It’s manageable when you are at home or driving your car, but what about the times when the luxury of air-conditioned chill is not your privilege? A portable air cooler will be your savior when you’re panting for cool air in the summer heat.

Personal air cooler is meant to blow cool air in a very small area and it is in no way a replacement for your conventional air cooler or air conditioner. It works when you are in desperate need of cold air in peak summers while being in the sections of your home that are devoid of your cooler’s air circulation.

Such portable air coolers are of great use when you’re traveling or are on your yoga deck.

Best Personal Air Coolers You can Buy

When choosing a personal air cooler you need to consider its operation time, cooling capabilities and durability. Here are the best Portable air coolers you can buy depending on your specific requirements.

1) EvaLIGHT Personal Evaporative Air Cooler

On top of our list is the EvaLIGHT air cooler by Evapolar which is portable, light-weight and looks good. It has the added advantage of functioning as a night light with its built-in LED lights. Once filled with water or a mixture of ice and water, it can operate for 8 hours without needing a refill.


  • Can be powered by a power bank, laptop port or wall outlet
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Multiple LED lighting option
  • Uses fully biodegradable evaporative pads

Buy: $139

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2) Vidanoble Portable Air Conditioner Fan

If you are looking for a sleek portable air cooler which promises what it pitches, then Vidanoble air cooler is another good option. This highly rated personal air cooler is perfect for indoors and outdoors thanks to its portable and light-weight design. On a full tank, it can operate for 3-5 hours without a hassle. The only limitation this personal air cooler has is, it is not battery powered and needs to be plugged to a power socket.


  • Ultrasonic atomization and low fan noise
  • Humidifier function for dry weather conditions
  • 7 mood light mode

Buy: $47.99

3) Halofun Air Conditioner

The design of this personal air cooler wins over other options in this list. It is very easy to carry because of the portable handle, making it the ideal choice for people who travel a lot. The cooler throws clean air due to the presence of anion nano filter element, giving it an advantage over other portable air coolers out there.


  • Most power-efficient personal air cooler available
  • Highly durable and best rated by buyers

Buy: $49.99

Image: Amazon

4) HoMedics Personal Space Cooler

Another well designed personal air cooler which delivers what it promises. HoMedics Personal Space Cooler creates a 4-foot cooling area lowering the temperature of your personal space by 5-12 degrees F. The portable design makes it ideal for extended use in any conditions.


  • Low energy consumption
  • The features provided at the price point are tempting
  • Control the direction of air flow
  • Clear tank technology to prevent mold and mildew in the water tank
  • Auto shutoff when water finishes in the reservoir

Buy: $69.99

5) Myfreed Personal Air Conditioner

This personal air cooler has a unique handheld design and it takes the prize for being the smallest of them all. It can be easily carried in your handbag and used without any hassle. The only downside is the lack of USB port operation mode.


  • Operates with rechargeable batteries
  • Affordable for people on a budget
  • Very convenient to use

Buy: $25.78

Image: Amazon


As an added bonus, you can add a fragrance of your choice to the water/ice in the cooler for fresh aromatic air. The occasions can be endless, and a personal air cooler can be the holy-grail accessory that comes in handy anytime, anywhere.

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