Amstel’s pop-up pub

Amstel’s ice bath pub offers cold therapy treatment to active cyclists

Beer brand Amstel has now opened its doors to the latest ‘Cold Tub Pub’ – the world’s first ice bath pub for active cyclists. For cyclists partaking in the Prudential Ride London event, the popular beer brand will provide them a place to take an on-site ice bath.

Olympian Mark Cavendish was appointed as an honorary publican during the launch of the event. According to him, the benefits of ice baths as a recovery aid following an intensive day of exercise are well known. Ice baths are usually used by runners and cyclists as a cold therapy treatment for constricting blood vessels and decreasing metabolic activity. This further helps them to limit swelling and tissue breakdown.

Amstel’s pop-up pub features six of these two-seater ice tubs that offers a truly unique form of post-cycling recovery and all-around bonding experience for guests. Located near to the finish location of the race at 5b Pall Mall, racegoers can later stagger to the pub and brave a 10-minute dip in these ice bath tubs with a beer in hand.

Soon after a short period of refreshment and recovery, cyclists will be invited to unwind in the pub’s lounge, which is set to have a TV sharing footage from Prudential Ride London. Cold Tub Pub tickets can be reserved here. Each ticket comes with one complimentary 300 ml bottle of Amstel.

Cold Tub Pub

Ice bath pub for active cyclists

Cold Tub Pub

It offers cold therapy treatment to runners and cyclists

Via: Mirror

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