Caravan Tokyo

Anagrama Design Studio Turns Caravan into a Stylish Accommodation

Mexico-based branding design studio Anagrama has fashioned a simple and classy, yet intriguing branding and interiors for a Japan-based mobile-accommodation service Caravan Tokyo. The mobile home is a project located in several strategic areas around the city, representing the cultural features of Tokyo and Japan.

According to Anagrama, while creating the interior and branding of the Caravan Tokyo, the inspiration came from the amalgamation of Formula 1 race cars and Japanese visual culture. The interiors of the mobile hotel are kept simple yet functional – the colors are altered depending upon the racing teams and areas associated with them.

To make the brand more recognizable, the icons are premeditated to highlight the cultural advantage of  Japan. The white and brown theme-based color scheme is applied to everything (including the interior) to add visibility and charm to the living space.

Located in the middle of Omotesando neighborhood, the caravan features a bed, Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and a bathroom. One can book this unique accommodation through Airbnb by paying $136 per night.

Caravan Tokyo

Caravan Tokyo business cards with themed white and brown color base

Caravan Tokyo

Vanity Kit provided by the Caravan Tokyo

Caravan Tokyo

Soap imprinted with Caravan Tokyo

Caravan Tokyo

Semi-bed with pendant shaped lamp

Caravan Tokyo

Minimal folding table to enjoy coffee


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