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Android-powered Smart Mirror

Android-powered mirror lets you see notifications and access internet

Smart mirrors are hi-tech wall accessories that display certain updates such as weather, news and short text messages. But what if a smart mirror could interact with both your smartphone and smartwatch? Redittor and Minnesota State University student- Nick Nothom has actually made that possible by creating his own Android-powered mirror that interacts with smartphones as well as smartwatches.

The smart mirror is installed with Android-based operating system that can be connected to the Android Wear such as Moto 360 smartwatch or any smartphone. After connecting, the smart mirror serves as an interactive screen that allows you to get notifications from smartphone as well as access internet whenever desired.

It also informs you when your smartphone or smartwatch is fully charged and ready to use, so no need to keep checking the charging level of your smart gadgets. With this intelligent mirror, you can easily access internet and smartphone even when your gadgets are away from you especially in bathroom. It is indeed a brilliant idea for tech-savvy people who often have to remain in touch with their smart devices.

Have a look at the video, demonstrating working of the smart mirror.

Via: DigitalTrends

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