Antartidee turns everyday items into surreal yet functional clocks

Italy-based design house Antartidee is a hobbyhorse of Roberto and Mauro Ferioli Montermini. These designers create handcrafted ironic caricature based on everyday life furniture accessories like vases, watches, photo frames, etc.

The everyday products are further repurposed in such a way that they offer both functionality as well as surreal effect. Below are some of the dreamlike yet quick-witted creations created by the designer duo:

Hand shaped Vase
Vase or support office
Planning to surprise your mother or wife on Women’s Day? What’s best than a perfectly manicured hand vase to store women accessories. The handcrafted vase is a multi-utility vase and surely will be admired by any woman.
# Price: $71

Espresso Wall Clock
Espresso wall clock
The Espresso Wall Clock is a perfect gift option for coffee lovers. The handcrafted Italian wall clock doubles as decoration piece for your home too.
# Price: $ 76

Alarm Wall Tie
Alarm Wall tie
The handmade Alarm Wall Tie is a perfect gifting option for the man in your life, just wrap it and surprise them with this sleek modish wall tie.
#Price: $91

Shelf Shoe Alarm Clock
The Shelf Shoe Alarm Clock is a quirky clock that will definitely increase aesthetic of any corner. So get one for yourself and add wittiness in your sober contemporary home.
#Price: $96

Clock-cum-pencil holder
Clock pencils holder
The Clock-cum-pencil holder is an exclusive gift on graduation day or a Christmas gift for your favorite teacher.
# Price: $96

Office Clock
Office Alarm
The Office Clock is a table clock that can be used to impress your boss. So wrap it, gift him/her on any special occasion, and enjoy the benefits of being your boss’s favorite.
# Price: $ 96

Hundredth Wall Clock
Hundredth Wall Clock
The Hundredth Wall clock by Antartidee is specially designed for celebrating retirement and promotion, as a mark of new beginning and bright future.
# Price: $118

Venus Vase and Clock
Watch sculptural vase
The female figured vase-cum-clock is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. The Venus shaped beautifully depicts women’s beauty.
# Price: $121

Cubic Man Clock
Clock Man Cubik
The Clock Cubic Man is table clock for cubic lovers; it can also be used as a practical gift on birthday and office promotions.
# Price: $133

Goccia Shelf Clock
Watch for Goccia shelf
The Goccia shelf clock beautifully and sarcastically depicts the time passing by. The surreal yet practical clock can be used in office or study room.
# Price: $155

Hanger Wall Clock
hanger wall clock gruccia
The Hanger Wall Clock is a surreal gift for workaholics; the hanger and wall represent the time spent in office and is a perfect sarcastic gift to remind them about home and family.
# Price: $219

These idiosyncratic clocks and vases are available at Ilux, so get one for yourself and your loved ones  to add quick – witted atmosphere into any office or room setting.

Images: Designist

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