Anyway Pivoting door

Anyway pivoting room dividers can swing to any direction

Whether you call it room divider or pivoting door, anyway these pivoting room dividers are created with the aim of responding optimally to latest design trends in the door and dividers sections. Bestowed with Red Dot Design Award 2015, for their innovative 360-degree pivot hinges, Belgium-based Anyway Doors is bringing both space and transparency inside your living area.

Fashioned to create a true design statement, the new hinges are incorporate high-tech comfort closure that works in both swing directions, thus giving you freedom to manage doors in any direction. For additional safety, the hinges are equipped with mechanical comfort catch with 90-degree positioning that makes opening in both directions easy, even with the weight of 150 kg.

The innovative hinges offer user-friendliness and can be used in new buildings or renovated ones, regardless of their floor construction. These transparent hinges fully-integrate into the door, while guaranteeing perfect closure and positioning.

Available in a set of three-patented locking technique i.e. 90-degree, 180-degree and 360-degree, the full-sized door or wall silently opens and closes without disturbing other members in residential or commercial buildings. The pivoting room dividers even come with a wide choice of door styles like plain pivoting doors, glass pivoting doors, and framed glass doors.

All these pivoting doors consist of aluminum frame, which is either fitted with clear, matte, leavened or even colored glass. Therefore, you’ll get handful of options to use glass as per room and space requirement. The sophisticated construction of Anyway pivoting doors allow wide variety of uses and also offers a perfect fit, creating a true design statement for both home and office space.

Anyway Pivoting door

Pivoting doors with 360° central or eccentric pivoting hinges

Anyway Pivoting door

Innovative pivot hinges without built-in floor fixtures

Anyway Pivoting door

Modular patented locking technology guarantees a perfect closing unit

Anyway Room Divider

Custom-made pivoting glass door for offices

Room Dividers

Transparent glass pivoting with 360-degree central pivoting hinges

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