Aquarium bed creates an underwater sleeping illusion inside your bedroom

Fanatics of ocean life can really get goosebumps after they watch this wonderfully designed custom made aquarium bed. This is not just a bed that has been integrated with simple aquarium but it holds astonishing 650 gallons of water which makes it quite a huge aquarium of course. Though not many would like the idea to get a bed like this in their bedroom space, especially those who follow Feng-Shui in all their house beautifying decisions, will negate the idea of having an expensive bed like this. But, those who have love for fishes will accept this one graciously.

Acrylic Tank Manufacturers will make you this customized aquarium bed to suit your requirements at a cost of $11,500. A noteworthy feature of the design is that when you lie down on this bed, you can well see water in aquarium right above your head region. This gives you an illusion of sleeping underwater.

This is just like creating illusion of stars and moon with the help of fluorescent in roof fo kid’s bedroom. Well, whatever makes you to opt for this 650 gallon fish tank aquarium bed but you will certainly make it a one-of-a-kind asset to your home. Just one tip that we would like to give when you order this aquarium bed is to install it in adults’ bedroom only.

Via: Ifitshipitshere

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