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World's First Spider-proof Shed by Tiger Sheds

Arachnophobes relax! World’s first spider-proof shed is here

Freaked by eight-legged creatures? Well, there is nothing to embarrass as arachnophobia is a very common fear. Arachnophobes are scared of these creepy-crawlies to such extent that they often try to avoid much cluttered living spaces. Moreover, you may have applied all sorts of products and techniques to get rid of these annoying creatures. But nothing offers a permanent solution, right?

Not anymore! If you face the same phobia and even dream of living in arachnid-free home, then it’s time to rejoice. As Leeds-based company Tiger Sheds has now come up with the world’s first spider-proof shed, providing complete spider-free zone to the inhabitants.

The company claims their shed is air-tight with toughened glass windows, silicone sealed joints and timber lined with insect repellent paper and painted blue. Why blue? This is because the color is actually proven to ‘repel spiders,’ says the firm. In case you want to impregnated the lined paper with peppermint, citrus and insecticide for extra barrier against spiders, then obviously you need to pay a little more than usual (depending on the type of imbuement you want). Furthermore, for some extra intelligent, courteous spiders a “No Spiders Allowed” sign has been hanged onto the door, indicating of complete spider-free zone inside.

On the other hand, Nottingham University’s Sara Goodacre, who has studied the behavior of spiders, is skeptical about a space against spiders and thinks the shed won’t be able to keep spiders away from natural gardens. Nevertheless, the new about garden shed with no spiders is indeed a boon for arachnophobes.

With this people might get positive about similar arachnid-proof home in future, but we’re not sure whether such home with ‘no spiders around’ will ever be made or not. As of now, you can surely purchase a spider-proof garden shed. The base model costs a shade under £2,000 (approx. US $3,114). Pricey than conventional garden sheds, but for someone who absolutely can’t stand the sight of creepy eight-legged freaks, this one is totally worth the cost.

World's First Spider-proof Shed by Tiger Sheds

The shed is impregnated with insect repellent paper and painted blue (color is know to repel spiders)

World's First Spider-proof Shed by Tiger Sheds

The shed is completely air-tight with toughened glass windows and silicone sealed joints

World's First Spider-proof Shed by Tiger Sheds

‘No Spiders Allowed’ sign has been hanged onto the door

Via: BBC

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