Arc Light

Arc Wall Light: Telsa coiled wall piece interacts with LED tubes

Arc Wall Light by industrial designer Vedat Ulgen is a blend of both scientific as well as artistic design that approaches the 21st century’s contemporary lifestyle. Ulgen strongly believes in experimenting with new technology, using materials in unconventional and irregular ways to bring out something new every time. The designer is also the founder of colorful container studio- Thislexik Studio, which has been previously showcased on our site.

The Arc Wall light is wood board made from solid walnut wood that is hand cut to provide engraved grooves in the board. The back of the walnut wooden board is supported with Tesla coil that wirelessly powers the LED light tubes, when placed close enough.

This Tesla coil gives it a magical effect, as no matter where you have placed the LED tubes in the wooden board, once switched on the bulbs and tubes will come into life. The wood base is provided with three levels of depth, making it possible to use all the engraved lines for lightning purpose.

Arc Wall light is undoubtedly an exceptional piece of home decor, which gives new meaning to a simple wall fixture and converts into something that bears light, taking away the dark.

Arc Light

Hand cut wood base is made from solid walnut wood

Arc Light

The engraved grooves can be easily fitted with LED tubes

Arc Light

The three level depth allow overlapping of tubes

Arc Light

Tesla coil powers the LED tubes and bulbs

Via: Gizmodo

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