Arched Overhead Shower by QS Supplies

Arched overhead shower is a luxurious piece of artwork

For those who want to make their morning shower as stress-free as possible, UK-based leading bathroom retailers QS Supplies has created a luxurious bathing concept for them, the Arched Overhead Shower. Besides being an architectural piece of artwork, the eye-catching shower system ensures you get a relaxing experience, just like the feel of waterfall rushing down on you.

Smooth Corian is used as base material for the overhead shower arch, which includes two lighting fixtures on the top, and three showerheads that are placed strategically all along the semi-circle. One showerhead is fixed atop at the center, while other two are angled on the curved section, next to the lights. The jets spray hot or cold water streams that massage your body, whilst transforming bathing into a stylish ritual.

Furthermore, few circular designs are formed on the complete arched shower system. These circles not only add unique style statement to the bathroom, but also allows you to keep your bathroom accessories (like soaps, shower gels or shampoos) within a hand’s reach. This novel bathing system will certainly relax and refresh your senses like no other, while also allowing you to display functional art in your contemporary shower room.

It is a must have luxury shower for those who want to add ultra-modern finish to their bath. However there is no word on its pricing and availability so far, but in future it is surely a highlighting bathroom concept for modern homes.

Source: QSSupplies

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