Origami Christmas Tree by Candy Chan

Architect’s Christmas Tree is Actually Recycled Paper Art

This Christmas tree is a simple yet eye-catchy creation by New York-based architect-to-be Candy Chan. She has artistically made an origami Christmas tree she calls the Architect’s Christmas Tree. Instead of using fresh paper the young designer has used the discarded paper from her work. The printed paper used adds texture to the origami creation, while the imperfections give it a more realistic touch. This DIY project can also be made using other paper-renderings, magazines, sheet music etc. 

You can follow these steps to make this beautiful Christmas Tree

Step 1:

Collect the required things like old book pages. For instance, the designer has used old sheet music and some dictionary pages, glue, a wooden skewer, wooden dowel, glitter, cardboard (you can cut it from an old cardboard box), zig zag scissors and two buttons.

Step 2:

Make a cardboard base and stick it to the skewer’s bottom and then cover it with paper.

Step 3:

You will need to cut a lot of paper with zig zag scissors. Start cutting with the largest size and cut 9 squares of the same size, then 9 more of a quarter of an inch smaller, then 9 more of a quarter inch smaller and so on until you reach the smallest size that you want.

You can make your tree taller by cutting the squares 1/8th of an inch smaller or make the Christmas tree shorter by cutting the square half an inch smaller. Also, cut small squares of cardboard. As these will hide between the layers of paper, and keep them fairly small.

Step 4:

Slide three sheets of each size of paper down the skewer. This makes out to be one layer. Then slide a cardboard piece above it to give the tree a greater volume.

Step 5:

The designer of the origami Christmas Tree has used three sheets of paper for each layer and has done three layers for each size. Rotate each piece to give different angles to the tree. You can use more layers to make the tree taller.

Step 6:

With the help of a paintbrush, paint glue from the top to the bottom of the tree catching the edges. Also paint anywhere on the tree where you would want the snow to land. Place the tree inside some box 9to avoid glitter from spreading) and then sprinkle glitter.

Step 7:

Top off your Christmas tree by adding an ornament or star. The designer has used pearl buttons.

The video below explains the steps in a better way have a look.

Via: AreWeThereBlog

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