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Arco bed by Cristian Sporzon inculcates futuristic forms and curves

We know that the focal point of a bedroom is always bed; they not only offer good night’s sleep but also offer smooth and lustrous finish to the sleeping space. Whether your room is modern, traditional or rustic, wooden beds are always appreciated and liked more than an iron structure – after all it’s your sweet home sweet not a hospital ward. And, to help make your house a home we try our best to come up with best possible suggestions. While being out on this unending pursuit for class, we stumbled upon the Arco bed designed by Italian architect and designer Cristian Sporzon who uses wooden frames bent to exude beautiful curves to takes you across the path of dreams.

Sitting on a well furnished hollowed wooden log, the bed presents and inculcates the futuristic forms and curves, creating soft curves across the edges. Made from natural wood, the curves are obtained by shaping wood into a single module, giving an impression of being made from continuous lines.

The bed is lightweight and minimally designed so that it can accommodate itself in any room, giving your room more distinctive and elaborate look. The 247 x 186 x 67 cm bed, according to Sporzon, is like a dream that gives you lightness and pleasure while making this universe serene and harmonious.

It offer feasibility of decorating your bedroom according to your personal preferences as the bed can be made using different types of wood timber, or one has option to mix the two important components together, i.e., wood and leather. Arco is a perfect example of wooden bed that offers modern aesthetics while eating up minimum space.

Arco Bed by Cristian Sporzon

Wooden bed by Cristian Sporzon

Arco Bed by Cristian Sporzon

Arco is a minimally designed bed that inculcates futuristic forms

Arco Bed by Cristian Sporzon

You can make it from different woods

Arco Bed by Cristian Sporzon

The bed can be customized with wood and leather combination.

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