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Arduino-powered steampunk espresso machines by Vidastech

Arduino-powered steampunk espresso machines by Vidastech

Korean coffee machine manufacturing firm, Vidastech, has created two revolutionary prototype steampunk espresso machines powered by Arduino. The two coffee machines are built with robust stainless steel in unique appearances representing brilliant craftsmanship undergone into these designs. These two coffee machines are named – Hexagon and Revolucion, both designed to revolutionize coffee making process.

As the name suggests, Hexagon comes in a hexagonal shape and is fitted with Arduino that controls its every move of espresso brew, from flow levels to maintain exact liquid temperature, etc. Moreover, steampunk style with high-end technology on-board shows a perfect combination of modern-day engineering and the Victorian era.

Likewise, Revolucion also performs the same functions as it is also equipped with the identical processor running on similar technology, the only difference lies in its design, i.e., cylindrical shape with airplane propeller-like ends.

Not to mention, both the machines are fully automatic, all you need to do is put coffee beans into the small compartment and command it to brew coffee. It swings into action to deliver a fresh cup of coffee immediately after receiving your command. These espresso machines were exhibited at Seoul Café Show, where functioning and craftsmanship of these two marvels were widely appreciated by the visitors.

If we see from application point-of-view, these coffee machines are idyllic for café houses, because their size is too big to be kept in a kitchen at home. However, if you own a house with massive kitchen and want to sip a refined cup of coffee every morning, then it is definitely a perfect fit for you. However, there is no mention of pricing on Vidastech’s website, but we don’t expect it to come cheap.

Steampunk Espresso Machines

Revolucion steampunk espresso machine

Steampunk Espresso Machines

Internal set up of processors for maintaining function of coffee machine

Steampunk Espresso Machines

Espresso Machine brewing a cup of coffee

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