Armadillio Chair by Ola Giertz

Armadillo Chair Shields Your Child Inside a Shell-Like Space

Looking for a chair that is comfortable as well as protects your child just like armor? Well, the Armadillo Chair- aptly named by the Swedish designer Ola Giertz astonishingly fits the bill with its armor-like foldable wooden shells. Design of the chair is inspired by animal armadillo, which is a small animal known for its leather shell. Exactly how this animal is protected from the environment, likewise the seat gives your child a safe zone.

The chair can be set in several different positions, depending on how much space is required by your kid. Furthermore, it can be hanged onto a ceiling with a thick rope to make it swing slowly so that your child can literally- enjoy in its own shell!

The chair is made from beech and walnut veneer and carved beautifully in various wooden layers one after another. These wooden layers can easily flex and support the user, providing an unexpected level of comfort and space the user wants to have. When not in use, it can be reduced in volume to make some extra space in your room. Armadillo has an impressive chassis akin to a shell that sufficiently offers comfort, safety as well as endemic personal space to your baby.

Armadillio Chair by Ola Giertz

Can be adjusted according to the comfort of your child

Armadillio Chair by Ola Giertz

Made from beech and walnut veneer, forming shell-like layers 

Source: OlaGiertz

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