Arnica Bora is a vacuum cleaner with water filter inside

Combining nice design aesthetics with functionality that brings solution of two different home tasks together into one, Arnica Bora is a vacuum cleaner cum water filter all in one product. The inspiration of this product comes from the thought that nature’s way of cleaning both water and your home’s hidden spaces with the same efficiency as you would do with two separate products. Honed by the patented water filtering system and vacuum lock this double utility product has double suction feature that leaves no dust particles stranded in any corner of your house. All the parts used in its production are recyclable and the visual design veracity further makes Arnica Bora a desirable product for every home.

The operation is also very simple as the user requires only 1.2 liter of water to clean their home and place it into the main body. Arnica Bora has a Hepa filter and the water tank in the shape of bucket facilitates easy cleaning to prevent any bacterial growth inside the product itself. It can be assembled quickly without any errors and this is all due to R&D of three years.

Via: DesignMag

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