Aromafork: Interesting fork emits flavors to augment food’s taste

Aromafork by Molecule-R

Our tongue recognizes five tastes, i.e. saltiness, sweetness, sourness, bitterness and pleasant savory taste (they call umami). If you had to make out the subtleties of other tastes, your nose would have to do it for you. Enter Aromafork a bizarre fork by Molecule-R (inventors in Canada), which delivers flavors. The Aromafork emits smells to make people think they are actually tasting the emitted flavor. The fork is capable of emitting flavors like coffee, ginger, chocolate, coconut, cinnamon, jalapeno, olive, almond and different fruits (to name a few).  

Aromafork by Molecule-R

With the Aromafork, forgetful cooks can take a breather. Next time you forget to add ginger to the meal don’t be hassled, just add a blotting paper with liquid aroma underneath the fork handle to provide the eater with aromas upon inhalation.

Aromafork by Molecule-R

Aromafork comes with a capsule of liquid aroma, which is soaked by a small blotting paper. The blotting paper is held underneath the Aromafork and it gradually releases the aroma. The user can apply a new taste to the blotting paper using a dropper accompanied with the Aromafork. A pack of six forks, with 50 diffusing paper and full set of flavors is available for £36 (approximately $60).

Aromafork by Molecule-R

Via: FastCoDesign/TrendHunter

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