Aromatic Space Candle connects you with the Universe

Many of us want to go up there, where millions of stars are twinkling, planets are orbiting the Sun, and a place where the feeling is unlike mother earth. The place of boundless dimensions, where all the objects seem to be fixed in one position. However, we very well know it is not possible for everyone to go out there in space. But what if you can smell the scent of the outer world? Yes, you read that right! Space is no doubt a cold and soundless place, but it does have a scent.

According to astronaut Tony Antonelli;

The Space scent is different than anything else.

And if you want to smell it, space candle is the thing for you. This unique candle is designed to smell like outer space. In many interviews and descriptions, astronauts have shared their experiences of space smell. By taking into account these experiences, this candle is crafted with 100% soy, and gives an aromatic mixture of metal, raspberries and rum smell.

Space Candle is a little token of the mysterious universe that many of us dream about. Perhaps, a perfect accessory for people who are into meditation and connecting with the higher self.

It can burn for up to 80 hours, and is offered in 16 oz size. If you also want to smell the peculiar aroma of the universe, you can buy this candle at the price tag of $24.95.

space candle

Image: Cool Material

space candle

Image: Cool Material

Via: Cool Material

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