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Artist Benoit Challand conceptualizes self-sustaining Roost House

Giving a new stage, dimension and shape to autonomous housing, visual artist Benoit Challand has conceptualized a self-sustaining house in a remote location in Scottish highlands. Dubbed the Roost House, it is depicted to sit on raised angular scaffolding structure few stories from the ground, which makes it appear like the house is floating in the air. Taking leaf from house designs by famous modern architects Le Corbusier and from the artistic sculptures by Santiago Calatrava, the Roost House is designed to generate its own heating and electricity making the house fully autonomous in the literal sense.

The exterior walls of the Roost are made from timber, and an inside view of the house reveals walls which are also made of wood.  The slanting roof is entirely covered with solar panels, while a wind turbine is placed at the underside of the lifted house. The Roost can be accessed by climbing a vertiginous ladder. We don’t have much information if the Roost House will actually see the light of the day, but we’d surely want to know your views (leave them below in the comments).

Via: Behance

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