Artist’s intricate pumpkin carvings

Artist’s Intricate Pumpkin Carvings are Spooktacular Masterpieces

Halloween is just around the corner, and you must be all ready with your haunted houses, spooky tricks, and carved pumpkins to welcome unearthly creatures on October 31st. But wait; are you truly confident about your Halloween pumpkin carvings this year?

If you thought your carved pumpkins are the best in your neighborhood, then it’s time for a reality check. Your efforts are nothing compared to Chicago-based professional artist and pumpkin carver Edward Cabral, who considers Halloween more than just a seasonal activity and it literally reflects in his work.

Just like a canvas, Cabral takes a pumpkin to portray his beautiful imagination in form of an unusual art. He has been making Halloween pumpkin art for the last three years. His bewitching pumpkin creations are so good that it’ll certainly put yours to shame.

Using paint and professional carving tools, Cabral creates incredible, finely detailed Halloween pumpkin art. Carving to different depths in the flesh of the pumpkin allows light to illuminate through the gourd, creating faint or sometimes brighter ambiance.

Themes selected for the carvings are often based on films and pop culture such as The Great Wave, Blade Runner, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. At the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular festival in Louisville, Kentucky, you can see all these wonderful creations.

Check out his splendid creations given below and decide yourself whether he’s worth all the praise or not.


A little girl loved superman and princess Aurora, so I made her this.

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Headless Horseman pumpkin

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The Octopus Garden

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My Beatles pumpkin on the trail in the octopus garden.

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Kentucky Home jack o’lantern

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NYC Memorial pumpkin

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Little Shop of Horrors pumpkin for the broadway skit

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