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As Hurricane Matthew wrecks havoc, a guy parks his BMW E30 M3 in the living room

For car lovers taking care of their ride is on the top of the priority list. Even more so when your ride is the BMW E30 M3 which is a hot asset in the market these days. For a guy who does not have a garage, and the threat of a hurricane is looming large on the car, there is no other option but to drive it right inside. It might sound bizarre, but a dude living just off the Florida coastline decided to park his classic ride inside the living room. The reason, being Hurricane Matthew which threatened to damage his pristine ride.

Randy (Jalilsup) drives his BMW inside the house

Randy (Jalilsup) drives his BMW inside the house

As soon as Instagram user Randy (Jalilsup) realized that his car could be in harm’s way, he wanted to take it to safety. But without a garage, he was left with no option but to park the metallic grey damsel right behind the couch. Luckily the doors were just big enough to drive the M3 inside without any damage to the car or property.

Gets to spend time with his ride

Gets to spend time with his ride

In the process Randy got to spend some quality time with his BMW as the storm passed the area. That is a dream-like scenario for a car lover, I can bet you. When everything restored back to normal, he drove it back out onto the front lawn.

Just got her out the house. #hurricanematthew #doubledoors

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Randy has to be one lucky guy, since everything fell into place. Just imagine if his front doors were not big enough or he had the new M3 which is wider than the older version. In the end, it became an Instagram sensation, and Randy is enjoying all the popularity.

Enchanting love affair!

Enchanting love affair!

Loves to take care of his car

Loves to take care of his car

Via: MotorTrend

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