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Ass Kicker: World’s strongest coffee can keep you up for 18 hours

If you’re the one who needs many cups of coffee to kickstart your day, you must try the Ass Kicker – world’s strongest coffee that can keep you up for 18 hours. It is so strong that comes with a warning label that it must not be consumed by people with heart problems and blood pressure issues.

Viscous Coffee, a café in Adelaide, Australia, is selling this super strong java that contains five grams of caffeine that’s 80-times more than a normal cup of coffee (a regular cup of coffee has only 40-milligrams if caffeine content).

Ass Kicker is a concoction of four espresso shots, four 48-hour brewed cold drip ice cubes, 120ml of 10-day brewed cold drip and is finished with four more 48-hour brewed cold drip ice cubes. The result allegedly tastes more like toffee than coffee.

However, its sweetness shouldn’t encourage drinkers to have it immediately, as drinking the Ass Kicker too quickly can have serious health effects. This drink is meant to be sipped slowly in the course of three to four hours.

The story behind its invention is quite interesting. The cafe’s owner, Steve Benington says he came up with the idea for the Ass Kicker when an emergency department nurse asked him for a strong beverage that could help keep her awake during a night shift. In response, Benington whipped up a drink that actually kept the nurse awake for nearly three days as she sipped the concoction over a two-day span.

Although the Ass Kicker is a little weaker now, but not too much different. It contains half a lethal dose of caffeine, which means there will be no two-for-one options for the drink at Viscous Coffee anytime soon.

viscous-coffee-ass kicker

Ass Kicker is the world’s strongest coffee

viscous-coffee-ass kicker

It contains five grams of caffeine content

viscous-coffee-ass kicker

Viscous Coffee, a café in Adelaide, Australia

Via: OddityCentral

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