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Astal light fixture transforms into a floating table on touch of a button

I for person have seen many a lighting units and dining tables, but there isn’t anything anywhere close to this combo installation of the two. Dubbed the Astal and designed by Darko Nikolić – this is a table-light created to provide the most comfortable living in small apartments and mobile homes etc. Powered by an electric motor housed in the ceiling, the light fixture suspends down to transform into a floating dining table and can be used as table or light or both at the same time. There are no legs to the table but a retractable polygonal telescopic rail applied to it makes sure the table is pulled back to the ceiling when not being used as a table.

The transplant surface and chrome finish and style and substance to the Astal making it ideal for the best of modern interiors. As discussed, after the meal, the Astal can be pulled up to fully close into a beautiful light fixture to light up your abode. Though the holder is placed in the center, the table has a pentagonal shape to comfort the diners around the table. For all the inquisitive Astal’s transformation from light to table and back to light is no magic. It is made possible with a simple battery-based remote control that has UP and DOWN buttons to control the height of the table and (+ and -) to adjust the brightness of the light. Awesome, isn’t it?

Via: Darko Nikolic

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