Astrofire - An outdoor fireplace

Astrofire – An outdoor fireplace with a style quotient

Astrofire - An outdoor fireplace

Cooking fireplaces are not anymore just about roasting your marshmallows in the backyard. The whole ambit has evolved to also pose as a definitive extension of our home decor scope. This trend is aptly showcased by the Astrofire outdoor fireplace from Modfire (a company already known for their ‘in vogue’ creations). Exhibiting a mildly conical shape with a open circular top facade, the design in many ways evokes the traditional form of outdoor braziers. However, beyond the form , it is the inherent vibrancy of the conception that really tickles our fancy. In this regard, the Astrofire is available in many ‘retro exotic’ color schemes like Tangerine, Maraschino, Azure Avocado and Ultra-Lounge White.

Structurally, the Astrofire is constructed from 14 gauge steel with a separate ¼-inch plate steel base. This self-contained heating unit arrangement is in turn supported by the trimmed tapering legs that complement the retro style quotient. Moreover, the overall conception has a compact bearing which facilitates the fireplace’s portability. However, the circular top facade is also big enough to accommodate full size logs. And, finally as for other fuel mechanisms, there would also be a separate propane or natural gas equipped model, which is integrated with a 125,000 BTU stainless star burner.

Astrofire - An outdoor fireplace

Via: Modfire

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