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Atelierhouse studio apartment in Italy with retractable boxy beds on wheels

Atelierhouse Harry Thaler

Italian designer Harry Thaler has designed Atelierhouse, a temporary studio apartment for visiting artists and curators at the contemporary art museum Museion. The apartment readied in Bolzano, Italy, is like ordinary homes on the outside, but on the inside the house is filled with wooden furniture on wheels, which makes rearranging the home interiors piece of cake. Most noticeable amid all the furniture is two wooden boxes that fold open to reveal beds inside. One is a wall retractable single bed and the other is a double bed in a larger wooden box on wheels, which can be opened of closed for additional privacy in the apartment.

Atelierhouse Harry Thaler

The wall retractable bed folds up against the wall to create space for addition furniture during day and can be pulled back down at night. The larger double bed, which hides inside a box has a hinged section that closes for privacy and there is are hanging lights inside for comfort and reading (if you may). The bed box has a large wardrobe on the rear. Since the beds are on wheel, you can move them around the studio apartment with ease. The Atelierhouse otherwise is made in aluminum and glass, and has furniture made from MDF. Other furniture items include tables, chairs, study desk benches, stacked boxes and lamps, most of which have wheels.

Atelierhouse Harry Thaler Atelierhouse Harry Thaler Atelierhouse Harry Thaler Atelierhouse Harry Thaler

Via: Dezeen

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