August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock is a Smartphone app that locks or unlocks your door

August Smart Lock

Gone are the days of carrying heavy keys of the door locks in your pocket. Now, your Smartphones will let the doors open for you. The August Smart Lock is a Smartphone app that takes the smart security system to a new level by making it social. This product is a team work of San Francisco based designer, Yves Behar and technology entrepreneur, Jason Johnson. This smart lock, which is a cylindrical metal device can be attached to any of the existing deadbolts, works just like the other conventional smart locks present in the market. The August senses the virtual or digital keys on the Smartphone of the user via Bluetooth and then unlocks the door automatically.

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Although the working of this smart lock is quite similar to the traditional smart security locks, but its social features make it more attractive and different than the others. With the August smart lock, the homeowners can easily provide access to the family, friends and guests who come to visit them. Even if you aren’t at home, you still can receive your visitors by opening the door with a  remote control from a distance. You can also give an access code along with a particular date and time to your guest or servants allowing them to enter or leave the home within that particular time. To add more, with the help of the app you can invite people to your home for some event and also exchange comments and pictures with them.

The August smart lock features an anodized aluminum case along with many LEDs that glows to indicate whether it is locked or unlocked. It functions utilizing the Bluetooth Low Energy technology to pair with compatible devices, specifically the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. During power cuts, the august smart lock remains connected to the web as it makes use of rechargeable AA batteries.  It also features a log record that allows you to see who entered and exited your home as well as the date and time they did so.

This Smartphone app eliminates the use of physical keys to unlock the doors. Those who often lose their keys would find this app pretty useful as they would not have to deal with the trouble of finding the lost keys anymore. The August smart lock was debuted at “D: All Things Digital Conference” in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.   

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