Aurora-light clock – a new way to keep track of the time

Wall clocks are important part of our lives; over the years there have been many transformations in design, but clocks still don’t instigate us to see anything beyond time. By combining 3D printing with different colors of the VIBGYOR, Aurora-light clock has rethought the traditional clock.

Aurora-light clock is designed by Mendel Heit, a designer who works and lives in Berlin. The clock is inspired by the northern lights and its ballet of glowing colors. The aurora clock transforms the rotation of classic clock hands into a luminous roundabout.

Explaining the Aurora- light clock designer Mendel Heit says,

Aurora rethinks the traditional clock and brings an exciting new way of telling the time.

The amazing Aurora light clock is made in purified 3D printed form. It has built-in alarm and features customizable LEDs.

The clock looks like small hula-hop and it has four colors that helps you show time; Orange color represents hour, white-blue is for minutes and turquoise represents seconds. It’s little hard at first to understand the whole color scheme but when you get to know how it works, it is as easy as pie.

Its 9:35:10, orange=hours, white-blue=minutes, turquoise=seconds

Aurora-light clock by Mendel Heit

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